Angela Brillhart works to break down barriers for those who struggle with dyslexia other reading issues. She has studied educational therapies for learning disabilities throughout her career and has had a successful and long-lasting impact on many students in the SF Bay Area and now from Bend, Oregon. Dyslexia is poorly understood in the public education system, and funding is scarce, so private tutoring is often necessary. Angela has followed her passion for helping students solve their problems with reading, writing, math, handwriting, and more. Believing in the power of the individual and their unique abilities, while persisting against stereotypes that these limitations can’t be overcome, Angela helps students identify their strengths, barriers and help students find their pathways for success.

Angela is a member of the International Dyslexia Association and is certified in the Slingerland ® Approach in helping students to overcoming learning disabilities related to reading and literacy. She is experienced in other Orton-Gillingham methods that focus on multisensory solutions that engage the student as an individual. After meeting with a student, Angela applies the most appropriate resources for the individual. It’s not a race; students work at their own pace and optimize their development. Students find the support and skills they need to succeed when they work with Angela.

“Speed is not the road to success. Careful practice is the road to speed.” – BHW

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