Unlike many other professional services, Angela does not offer a one-size-fits-all approach to managing learning disabilities. Her approach is based on the needs of the individual. Working with students in their homes, or in some cases, before or after school, she provides an encouraging environment where students feel capable of going further in their studies.

Areas of Specialization:

Reading Comprehension

When children or adults struggle to understand the words they are reading, they miss out on many wonderful things in life. Despite being able to recite text, the student may not comprehend the material or retain the content. There was a time when children were left to struggle, but with interventions by professionals like Angela, children are no longer left in the wings.

Writing and Handwriting

Dysgraphia or difficulty producing legible text can not only impede writing activities, but also students’ abilities to convey what they know. Using specific neurological principles, Angela is able to efficiently teach students to correctly form letters rapidly in an automatic and functional matter. Even when students have adequate penmanship or automatic keyboarding, the writing process can prove difficult to manage.  Difficulty getting started, moving through roadblocks, organizing ideas and creating coherent writing can be troublesome for many students.  Using proven research strategies, Angela can facilitate student’s writing development.

Understanding Unknown Words

Miscommunication is a big problem for children and adults. The goal is to provide automatic responses for children to have the tools to decode novel words so that even when they are alone, they will understand those new words. The goal is not to learn all the words in English, but to prioritize the ones that are needed for success. Using proven strategies, Angela can help people decode words that are troublesome and provide opportunities to automatic recognition so that success can follow based on the student’s needs.

After several sessions, the successful student will have a greater ability to communicate key concepts and to understand an explanation that might have been otherwise confusing before.

Math and More

Common misunderstandings about math include a generalization about one’s ability to be “good at math” or not. Everyone can improve their math skills with access to the right support, strategies, and tools.

A Note for Parents

It’s important to remember that time does not alleviate the problems related to learning and reading issues. With the right tools, environment, support, and opportunities, children can overcome these problems and begin to rebuild confidence in themselves and their abilities to participate in reading, writing, and math activities in school. Early intervention sets the stage for a successful learning plan that can evolve and continue to be implemented throughout life.

Support and understanding are essential as your child moves through a tailored learning system. Patience is required to help your child succeed. When you meet with Angela to discuss how she can help your child excel in reading comprehension, writing, math, and more, she’ll explain to you how you can help your child succeed now and in the future

Ready to Get Started?

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